The celebration is dedicated to swans incoming and opening of winter tourism season in Altai krai. The celebration programme involves different business and entertainment events: research-to-practice conference «Usage of nature reserves potential for ecotourism development», including a plenary meeting, sessions and roundtables; Folk art and craft fair of the Altai krai; winter extreme sports festival; «Siberian felt boot Day»; regional ski race competition; Final of the competition «Wildlife of Altai» and display of photographs exhibition; sprint dogsled race; Altai krai motoskiing championship; press tour with the participation of federal and regional mass media and an informational tour for federal tour operators along the Altai krai. Ethnographic programme of the Kumandin people' collectives - «people of Swan» ( «ku» means «a swan» in the Kumdandin language); excursion programmes on wintering area of swans.