Goran Bregovic and other world music stars will perform at the largest ethnic festival in Russia. World famous musicians are already planning their trip to the fifteenth International Festival of World Music and Crafts “World of Siberia”! Why not do the same?

Every year thousands of tourists come to the small village in the south of the Krasnoyarsk region to discover the “World of Siberia”. Someone will come for the first time, someone plans a trip from year to year to recharge with positive energy via getting to know new customs and rituals, spending time in nature and listening to beautiful music.

This year the “World of Siberia” will be held from 13 to 15 July in the Shushenskoye village.

The vocalist Pelageya will perform on 13 July. The band “Mgzavrebi” from Georgia and famous world music vocalist Morgae Ji from France will perform on 14 July. Finally, Goran Bregovic with his orchestra will perform on 15 July.

The festival program also includes: performances of world stars, master classes on traditional crafts, familiarity with traditions and culture of many peoples of Russia; introduction to rites, which were inherited by us from ancestors; songs, round dances, and open-air cinema. In total, the festival program includes about 100 events.

All this will take place against the background of beautiful Siberian nature. Start planning the trip to the “World of Siberia” today! Detailed information about the headliners of the festival will appear on the official website of the festival in May. Organizers promise to impress guests of the festival with remarkable names and unusual formats. Follow the news on the website festmir.ru and in social networks under the hashtags # MIRSibiri #MIRSibiri .

Background information:

The festival “World of Siberia” is one of the most significant events not only for Siberia, but also for Russia.

In 2015, the festival has been awarded the prestigious national prize in the field of event tourism – Russian Event Awards-2015, which was claimed by 104 projects from 36 regions of Russia. In 2018, the festival will be held under the aegis of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

More information: http://www.festmir.ru/en/