International fireworks festival #Zvezdopad-created for an active audience, families with children, and categories of all ages, which is interested in modern culture, rest with comfort and new knowledge.

Fireworks festival #Zvezdopad is a new format of recreation. Large concert program with beginners and well-known musical groups + powerful sound and fantastic light, sports on the national bench press for the Cup "Uncle Grisha", competition for the Galaxy Park Cup in kicker (table football) and table tennis.

Play areas, children's Playground of all kinds of attractions, as well as animators, Aqua make-up artists, stilt walkers, master classes, competitions, etc., a large city of masters, delicious and healthy cuisine, a variety of dishes of local and visiting chefs, photos from the photo contest, contests and raffle prizes from the organizer and our partners.

The presence of the Luxury zone is the best overview of the fireworks with seats, a canopy and a light buffet supper.

And, of course, a multimedia show of musical fireworks!

Fireworks festival #Zvezdopad is 100% of new discoveries, impressions and positive emotions in the last days of summer!

Project VIII international fireworks festival "Starfall" Won the Grand Prix at the final of the National Award for event tourism Russian Event Awards!

And entered the TOP 200 best events of the year!

Entrance to the fireworks festival #Zvezdopad" will be open from 16: 00, at 17:00 The beginning of the show program, at 21: 45 fireworks Show on August 10 at the IX fireworks festival #Zvezdopad will perform the most titled teams from Russia and foreign countries.

Professional pyrotechnic teams will arrange a battle for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

International fireworks festival #Zvezdopad promises to be particularly bright, because the competition involves teams of both Russian and International fireworks festivals.

Only professional pyrotechnics with experience at large-scale fireworks shows are allowed to participate in the festival!

A team of professional pyrotechnics will arrange a one-hour multimedia show. The task of each team is to make their performance unique and harmonious, to reveal the theme of the performance as a single finished performance.

Age restriction: 0+

Entrance for children up to 12 years accompanied by adults is free!

Tickets cost 600 RUB. (from 3 August – 800 rubles. in the day of the event was 1000 RUB.)

Luxury zone-5 000 RUB

Everything will be amazing!