“…dine at Pozharsky in Torzhok,

Try fried cutlets

And set out with a light mood”

Alexander Pushkin, 1826

Pushkin’s quatrain made Pozharsky cutlets famous all over Russia!

Daria Pozharskaya, the owner of the most famous and luxurious provincial hotel “Pozharsky”, cocked them not only for the guests of the hotel but for aristocratic families as well. She was invited several times to the imperial court to cook this dish for the Tsar's family.

The signature recipe Cotelettes a la Pozharsky made its creator popular not only in Russia but abroad. For almost over two hundred years they cook this dish in Torzhok.

The recipe of Pozharsky cutlets was captured in all popular cookbooks of the 19th century. At the World Exhibition 1867 in Paris cutlets were listed in the menu of the Russian Festive Dinner along with well-known Russian dishes such as borsch, kulebyaka, sturgeon, Guriev porridge and others.

Gastronomic Festival "The Pozharsky in Torzhok ..." is a holiday of Russian cuisine and hospitality! Every year they choose the best Pozharsky Cutlet! This year cooks from all over different cities in Russia will compete!

Ten interactive platforms will be open for the gests of any age. Cooks amateurs will offer their specialties on site "Restaurant Day of National Cuisine" - Karelian, Russian, Soviet and other cuisines! Professional chefs will reveal culinary secrets of our grandmothers in open workshops. "Gastronomic Map of Russia" will present the most delicious food festivals and museum programs!

At “Art Street” one can see the oldest craft in Torzhok - gold embroidery and handicraft of Novotorzhsky modern masters and mistresses. A School of Culinary Arts will be opened for children and adults. A photo exhibition # FUDOGRAFIYA will be on display.

Restaurants and cafes of the city will be pleased to offer their guests a set menu “Calling Card” during the month before the festival.

"Gourmet Market" will be spread as a magic tablecloth. The best and tastiest food from Tver and Novotorzhsky manufacturers, farmers and private entities will be served.

"The Pozharsky in Torzhok ..." is a hearty, delicious and fun festival for everyone to enjoy!