«The World of Guitar» festival is a real holiday for lovers of guitar music , without which it is difficult now to imagine the musical life of Russia. Almost immediately it turned into one of the brightest musical events world-wide renowned.

This happened thanks to its talented founder and constant leader Oleg Akimov, the Kaluga Regional philharmonic soloist and teacher of Kaluga musical college named after Sergey I. Taneev. Every year the festival brings together the winners of the recent Intenational contests, considered to be a future of the world musical elite and the recognized masters — the greatest guitarists of the planet.

The first musical festival «The World of Guitar» held in Kaluga in 1998 had not yet gained the status of International. Over the past years it has become not only a unique phenomenon of the Russian musical life but has considerably extended its boundaries and turned into the outstanding occurance kindly welcomed by foreign musical society.

Links to the festival events can be found today on many popular musical websites in Europe, United States and Latin America. Applications for participation in the Kaluga festival «The World of Guitar» come from almost all parts of the world. Participants of the festival tell real legends about the creative climate and lively atmosphere of communication which reign at the festival. Whatever it was, every year in the last week of May musicians of different styles and directions from all over the world come to Kaluga for the period of 5 days united by the common impulse — love to the art of guitar playing.

For 20 years of its existance «The World of Guitar» presented to the fans of guitar music quite a lot of bright names of talented Russian and foreign performers from 33 countries of the world. In recent years the popularity of the festival «The World of Guitar» has grown so high that participation in it has become very prestigious. For many Russian musicians it was a start of their international carrers. Participation in the ferstival of the world famous and respected stars of modern guitar music brought its prestige on a level with the highest world standards.

For these years the best performers and groups from Russia and foreign countries took part in the festival. Among them are the famous Americain musician Al Di Meola, a young Spanish guitarist Vicente Amigo to whom the musical society quite on the right predicts the glory of «Paco de Lucia of the 21st century» and Francisco Goya dearly beloved by the Russian audience. After a 20-year of tour recess the legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia came to Russia specially to close the 10th jubilee festival «The World of Guitar». The celebrated John MacLaughlin whose music as Dmitry Dibrov aptly said «helps to overcome Earth gravitation» finished his European Tour in Kaluga.

The unique Austlian gutarist Tommy Emmanuel, «The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet» recognized as the best guitar quartet in the world, the founder of the fusion style Larry Corriell, the enchanting flamenco guitarist Canizares, the grandson of the great Astor Daniel Piazzolla, Sting’s guitarist and co-author Dominic Miller, the legends of the world and British rock music «King Crimson» and other outstanding performers, composers and directors also took part in «The World of Guitar». In 2009 at the 12th festival here in Kaluga the most famous guitar composer and director, the Honoured member of the UNESCO Leo Brower celebrated his 70th jubilee birthday.

Many of the festival participants came for the first time not only to Kaluga but also to Russia. In different years the leading musicians from more than 37 countries took part in the festival.

«The World of Guitar» is not only a bright musical event with talented and celebrated participants. The festival also started a lot of attractive traditions arousing sincere feelings and respect to its organizers and participants. In a period of seven years all 5 days of the festival program Russian and foreign guitarists give daily master classes. They are gaining more and more popularity among performers and teachers giving them an opportunity to show and improve their skills. Warm, friendly atmosphere of free communication appeal to musicians and guests of the festival. Another good tradition with the participants is to give charity concerts in hospitals, orphan asylums and nursing homes. Kind attitude, enthusiasm and inspiration are so helpful and necessary.

«The World of Guitar» gave birth to another interesting annual event, Children` s festival which also represents a wide spectrum of guitar music and attracts new and new young participants and listeners. Still anybody had not used such combinations in festivals.

For 20 years the festival has passed the way of rapid development and became essentially the greatest guitar forum in Russia.