The festival "Russkaya Zakvaska" has been held in Elets since 2010. It is a gastronomical event with a colourful culture-historical event. The main venue of the festival is "Obzhornyj ryady" situated on the former Bread venue where elets merchants traded different tasty eatables. Various culinary delicatesse is offered for the attention of guests: baked young pig, pies and solyanka. Producers present the best production made on the basis of fermentation technology: quass, bear, dairy products. One of the highlights of the festival is a contest of local traditional white quass the taste and diversity of which will surprise even the most sophisticated tastes. On the second day of the festival "Prazdnik Pivovara" takes place. Guests will be able not only to taste cooks' works but also observe the process of dishes being made.