The International Oranienbaum Maritime Festival (OMF) was founded in 2011 by amateurs of the St. Petersburg yachting sport, the business community of Lomonosov with the support of the Lomonosov Municipal Administration. Since 2014 with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg.

In the main regatta "Orange Race" take part from 90 to 110 crews of yachts in 10 categories, which is about 500-700 yachtsmen , 50-60 yachtsmen - children and teenagers, sapsurfingists, windsurfing, aquabike and other representatives of water sports. The structure of festival competitions in different years includes: Scandinavian walking ("Sea Mile"), competitions of ship modelers, cynological competitions ("Salty Dog"). The cultural and entertainment program of the OMF is represented by all kinds of water shows, an extensive concert program, shopping areas and food courts. An important component of the WMD is the business platform, which brings together the best experts in the development of coastal areas, cross-border cooperation, environmentalists, landscape designers, potential investors. The number of visitors and visitors to a large extent depends on the weather conditions and the activity of the advertising company. The maximum registered number of visitors is 25,000, the minimum is 4000 people.

The format of the International Oranienbaum Maritime Festival suggests holding events at convenient sites of Lomonosov in the Sidorovsky Canal area, the Yantar sandy embankment and the ferry dock at Ugolnaya Street, which allows the viewer to enjoy the largest sailing regatta in the region. The successful location of the holiday grounds does not create a transport collapse and other problems for the infrastructure of St. Petersburg. Each site is local, open to the sea, convenient for visiting participants, tourists and local residents. The territory of the OMF has the necessary infrastructure (Hotel, cafe, toilets, access to electricity, water, etc.) and requires minimal technical complement.

 Visitors to the festival are at an arm's length from the old and restored sailboats in the Sidorovsky Canal. Show "Abordaj" with stuntmen and fencers, a dog show "Salt Dog", a show of kites, etc.

The Maritime Festival is positioned as a family holiday with an age category of 0+, the last summer weekend. Attracts the attention of people with an active lifestyle, interested in sports, cultural and historical traditions of the region

Foreign participants and guests of the festival celebrate its special friendly atmosphere, the spirit of the sea brotherhood. And also attracts the proximity of historical museum complexes such as the Menshikov Palace, Oranienbaum Park, "Peterhof".

The site of the festival is 5 minutes from the railway station "Oranienbaum", the final stop of all fixed-route taxis. 40-50 minutes from the Baltic Station or the metro station "Avtovo". 30 minutes on the ring road from the metro Leninsky Prospekt or Prospekt Veteranov.

The festival offers convenient free parking on the site along the railway and st. Ugolnaya.

Within 5 minutes walking distance: Oranienbaum park and the palace complex of AD Menshikov (the Rolling Hill, the Chinese Palace, the summer palace of Peter III) in Kronstadt with all its sights, fountains and palaces of Peterhof, 15 minutes drive from the sea festival.