On the Orthodox holiday of the Holy Trinity in the village Samoryadovo "in Russian" widely held festivities called "Levada" in compliance with the customs of a distant past. Here you can find the connoisseurs of folk traditions from across Kursk region. This holiday was revived a few decades ago on the territory of Samoryadovskoe and today it is the richest heritage of our ancestors. Its name is "Levada", the festival is obliged to the venue of the festivities. The paddock is fenced green water meadow, which hosted the festivities, followed by games, songs, dances, fist fights and all sorts of fun.

During this holiday you can become a member of ancient rites: "scrolling birches" rite, "kumleniye", the ritual "fortune-telling by wreaths, thrown into the river." In addition, you can participate in a mass karagod, to try a dish of Russian cuisine, listen to their unique songs of this area, and also dance "Timonya" is a beautiful folk dance which was born in this area, to hear a particular kind of South-Russian dialect.

Everyone, and any age can participate in this event absolutely free.