Boisterous and cheerful Bondari Carousel fair is held in the center of Bondari village. Bondari is an old craftsman’s village where folk trades and useful arts have been thriving since the ancient times: cooperage, pottery, carpentry, kerchief and patterned shawl knitting, embroidery and other kinds of needlework. Nowadays, the village is famous for its production of cheese, butter and dairy products.

During “Bondari Carousel” visitors will not only walk along craftsman’s stalls or take part in master-classes of folk trades but they will also have a chance to taste the goods produced by the local manufacturers, enjoy amateur artists‘ performances and entertanment for kids. The treats with the dishes of traditional Russia cuisine can’t be missed. The main treat of the fair is Russian kvass.

Bondari Carousel invites everyone to the fun holiday to enjoy the treats, music and diversity of Russian folk arts. The event is followed by the evening program with performers and fireworks.