The military and patriotic festival and theatrical performance (the historical reconstruction) of the battle by Vokhon is devoted to the Patriotic War of 1812.

On the shore of the old bed of the river Klazyma – the site of the historic battle – in accordance with the historical facts the presentation of peasants’ fight (“military activities”) against the regular troops of the French army enrolls.

As more than 200 years ago, the remains of the "invincible army" shamefully fled from the battlefield.

The reconstruction participants manage to revive the historical events of 1812 with great accuracy. One gets the feeling of the real battle: cannons, guns, swords, banners and decorations exactly match the armament of the time.

The clothing of people volunteer corps, military uniform, outfitting of soldiers and officers of French and Russian armies are reconstructed by members of military history clubs based on sample costumes of those times.

At the end of the "battle" the parade of the reconstruction participants is traditionally held and then, as the final – a gala concert.