Great Bolgar is the festival of medieval battle which takes place in Bolgar, Tatarstan in the middle of August. Last year it earned international status for the first time thanks to the European Grand Prix on historical battle, 5 vs 5 battles.The festival programme is quite extensive and involves not only medieval battles. In two days, it is planned to conduct archery and equestrian tournaments, mass battles ''buhurts'' and the Donjon Cup for full contact medieval battles 1 vs 1.

The organizers offer to watch what is happening in the central stadium from the tribunes with a capacity of 920 people, entrance fee required. Tickets can be purchased for a separate unit, as well as for the full programme.

It is possible to have a closer look how participants of the festival prepare for battles by buying a tour to the ''Historic camp''.

For children there will be medieval camp with mazez of hay and playgrounds. Besides, it offers the site ''Medieval music and dance'', the fair of folk art crafts, the site of combat machines, and in the evening a fire show ''Fire tale''. The festival will include spots to eat, where you can enjoy a variety of interesting dishes or medieval non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is banned for sale.

The festival offers the site ''Medieval music and dance'', the fair of folk art crafts, the site of combat machines.

One can stay overnight during the festival either in a stationary tent camp or in a touristic one. The first camp is provided with small, wooden, double and triple cabins with all the necessities for spending the night. Sockets for charging of phones will be placed on poles. Besides, in the camp, there are bathrooms, showers and places for washing. The cost depends on time of booking, but in general it ranges from 300 to 400 rubles for one place per day.