International festival “BelMelFest” is the first and unique event in Russia mostly dedicated to the topic “chalk”. The purpose of the event is the formation and promotion of a positive image of the city, positioning Belgorod as a city with unique natural resources, preservation and promotion the attraction of the territory for tourists and investors as well as the development of international relations and event tourism.

BelMelFest's traditional and beloved competition: 3D-drawings competition on asphalt among professional artists, children's drawing competition “MEL-OK” and coffee competition. From year to year the playground of the festival includes: fairs of craftsmen, master classes, sport extreme, thematic photo zones, the performance of “white” art groups.

The pearl of the Festival in 2017 was the “White Dinner” accompanied by the symphony orchestra performing the best world hits. The event moved beyond the festival. Such event has been held in European cities since 1988 and is extremely popular. Such event has been coming round the European cities since 1988 and is extremely popular. The purpose is to unite the townspeople, strangers to resume lost connections and acquire new ones, to form a culture of recreation and communication. The main condition is white clothing.

Apart from the selling 120 tickets additory the playground attracted 300 spectators which said about the success of the event and broadening its options in the future. Organizers plan to make the “White Dinner” as the central event of the Festival. Traditionally the tons of chalk are on the festival playground, given by AO “Melstrom”. The volunteers from Belgorod youth organizations also work on the playground.

BelMelFest achievements:

In 2015

– BelMelFest was recognized as the best event in the field of culture of the regional stage’s competition “Russian Event Awards” and deserved the right to represent Belgorod and its potential in the field of event tourism at the International Tourism Exhibition “Intourmarket-2016”;

– the festival won the special prize “For the light image of the city” the XI Award in the field of public relations development “RuPoR” in the nomination of “Development and promotion of the territories” ;

– BelMelFest gathered support of the Federal Tourism Agency, was included in the National Calendar of Events and timetabled the tour itinerary of the leading tour operators of the city and the region;

In 2016

– BelMelFest won a victory in the National award “Russian Event Awards” in the nomination of “The best youth event” ;

– BelMelFest is “The Best event project” of the annual regional awards “Leaders of the tourism industry” ;

– the festival took the second place of the XII Award in the field of public relations development “RuPoR” “For promoting the unique image of Belgorod through the organization and realization the International festival “BelMelFest”;

– BelMelFest is the runner-up of the Federal prize in the field of public relations development “Silver archer”.