Amateur sports in Russia is gaining popularity. According to the Ministry of sports, the number of Russians engaged in physical culture and sports over the past 5 years has been increased from 29.4 to 46.6 million people. In Udmurtia an increase from 398.4 thousand people to 472.4 thousand people is also recorded. Together with the number of participants, the demand for high-quality Amateur competitions both in the Republic and in the country has grown.

Ski racing is one of the main sport specialties of the Udmurt Republic. One of it’s brightest representatives – Galina Kulakova – is a native of the Republic. The marathon, named in her honor, is created to unite skiers from all over Russia, to promote further popularization of cross-country skiing, to involve the masses of the population in Amateur sports and to develop ideas of a healthy lifestyle.

The concept of the marathon is the idea of the possibility of massive participation in skiing at the age of 8 to 99 years. Distances from 2 to 50 km were chosen right for this purpose.