August 24, 2019

The project “Ivan’s Day” is an event action, dedicated to Ivan the Terrible, the main brand of museum-preserve and town Alexandrov. There is an excursion and an interactive program offered for the visitors. The excursion tells about history and life of the Tsar’s Court, reconstructed in the monuments which were built by the order of the tsar. One of the most interesting elements is an interactive program “Choosing the tsar’s bride”. The theatrical action includes meeting with Ivan the Terrible and his guests. There is an army of archers, a print worker and falconry. Ivans, the tsar’s namesakes are specially honored. The medieval fair is noisy: there teach potter’s work, blacksmith's work, weaving and felting craft, archery, writing on wax boards. A pleasant addition – tasting meals and drinks, made according to the native Russian recipes, photos with historical characters wearing medieval clothes. In 2018 we suppose to include to the scenario master classes, teaching medieval dances, iconography and embroidery with golden threads.