The 12th International Woodcarving Festival Contest will take place in Tomsk on 20th -25th August, 2019!

The International Woodcarving Festival is one of the most spectacular holidays in the life of Tomsk region. Over the 11 years of existence it has become the most famous, massive, expected event in the region.

In 2017 for the first time the Festival included smaller competitions among stove-setters, blacksmiths, ceramists and potters. And in 2018 for the first time a competition was held among masters of birch bark products. The main event gathered 240 wood carvers from more than 35 countries of the world.

The main goal of the Festival is to revive Siberian and native Russian crafts, give a lead in preservation and restoration of historical appearance of Tomsk city and villages, and cultivate love of small motherland and ancient traditions through mass cultural events.

Besides competition the Festival has cultural and game program.

The City of Craftsmen gives a special flair to the holiday. There you can find goods and souvenirs of local artisans. Every year the International Festival takes place in country park Okolitsa. It is the first behind the Urals rural park and an open air museum of wooden sculptures. Amazing works of wood carvers are located throughout the territory of Okolitsa.

There are 9 national farmsteads with their national programs, dishes, and rituals. Their number increases every year.

During major holidays the national diasporas organize their cultural programs and treat guests with national dishes.

The scale of the holiday grows every year together with participants and visitors of the park.