"Yanov day" is a national holiday of Estonians, compactly living in the territory of Pervomaisky district, a business card not only of Pervomaisky district, but also of the region. The festival of Estonian culture has been held for more than 20 years on the Janov farm outside the village, on the night of 23-24 June.

Approximate program:

21.00-23.00 preparatory work: installation of Fairgrounds; play areas for children; installation of the stage; arrival of artists; work of national entertainment areas, cuisine of national dishes, exhibition of works of masters of arts and crafts and national crafts

23.00-5.00 concert program (performance ensembles, greeting the guests, the rite of opahivanie of the earth, weaving wreaths and divination for marriage, dancing around the fire, rolling lit wheels; search for fern flowers, weaving wreaths and divination, competitions for the best floral composition, bouquet of the best and largest dance; skating burning wheels of the mountains, sprinkled with water. The culmination of the event-a colorful unforgettable