The festival takes place in a real ancient Russian village with the involvement of local residents.

It demonstrates daily life and traditions of celebrating in Russian villages.

The Christmastide is one of the oldest and the most important fests of peasants’ calendar, symbolizing the transition from the last year to the new year and also forming the fate of Nature, Society and every single person for the next year.

According to the folk-belief, during the Christmastide (a period from Christmas till Epiphany Day) the boarders between the worlds are abolished. That is why all the time of Christmastide is full of various magic rituals and ceremonies. The meaning and traditions of Christmastide weeks are similar with European Halloween.

In the Russian folklore the Christmastide is regarded as a youth fest – young people could make friends and know each other better by means of different games and round dances.

Grand folk celebration and cozy teapot talks are waiting for you:

- Trick-or-treating in county houses;

- Folk songs and round dancing;

- Mummers;

- Christmas fair and workshops;

- Vintage games and winter fun;

- Performances of street artists;

- Fire fun;

- Magical village landscapes;

- Nativity scene performance;

- Izbushnik - a concert of folk musicians in the house of hospitable villagers;

- The Christmas fortunetelling.

The village of Lozhgolovo has been known since the end of the 15th century. There are large wooden houses with stone courtyards, some of which are more than 200 years old. The main sight of Lozhgolovo is the Church of St. George.

Take your family and friends with you, dress warmly and comfortably. Don't forget your camera - fantastic photos and warm memories are guaranteed!

Age restrictions: 3+