At the heart of the festival, which will be held 29-30.06.2019, lies the unique night trail Race ecoTrail Ruskeala and Swimming in the open water of the Great Ruskeala marble canyon. The Race takes place in the surroundings of the unique marble canyon, located in the South of Karelia in the Northern part of the Ladoga area. Ruskeala mountain Park is unique in Europe and the only open-air mountain Park-Museum in Russia. The main attraction of Ruskeala is the "Marble canyon" - the birthplace of the famous white nights color marble. Holding the Race and the Swim in the middle of the "white nights" in Karelia conveys an unforgettable atmosphere of the Russian North.

The Festival program includes events:

29.06.2019 – 12:00 – the ecological family quest on the territory of the Mountain Park Ruskeala

29.06.2019-from 14:30 to 19:30 - open water swimming disciplines: 750, 1500 and 3000 meters and the awarding ceremony (participants are allowed to swim only in wetsuits)

29.06.2009-from 16:00 to 18:30 - music program for participants. Live music of national rock bands.

29.06.2019-from 19:30 to 20:30 - children's races for the audience up to 18 years (in the starting place), hot warm-up in the style of Zoomba for the participants of the Festival

29.06.2019-from 21:00 to 01:00 – the start of the disciplines of night trail races for 5, 10, 21 km and of the discipline of Nordic walking for 10 km.

30.06.2019-from 07:00 to 09:00 - the start of the discipline «Triathlon Cross»

Participants from 18 years old are allowed to participate in the main disciplines of the event (excluding children's races).

To be allowed to participate in the Event It is necessary to provide the original medical certificate, consisting the permission to participate, issued not earlier than December 29, 2018.

Access of registered participants during the event to the territory of the Mountain Park Ruskeala is free.

There is free car Parking area and several cafes in the territory of the Park .

In the area of the starting place is the "Сity of masters", where everyone can buy a Karelian souvenirs.

For the needs of the participants is organized a transfer from St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk to the Mountain Park Ruskeala and back. The time of transfer:

29.06.2018 at 9:00 from St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk and 30.06.2018 at 15:00 in the opposite direction. A preliminary application is required to use the transfer.

Free transfer is organized from the Mountain Park to the camping «Hutor Elki». The participants of the Festival who stay in the camping can use their own camping equipment: tents, sleeping bags, etc. It is also possible to rent camping equipment in the camp.