In March 2019, a traditional reindeer breeders holiday “Taryb Kőr” (“Light-footed Deer”) will be held in the Intinsky district of Komi Republic, Russia. It is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox. At the festival there are dozens participants and hundreds of spectators. Special ethnic spirit can be felt there: big tents -“chooms”, reindeer races, smells of national dishes, music, national costumes. The celebration traditionally begins with raising the flag "Taryb Kőr" over the festival field.

There are usually three competitions: reindeer-sled racing, lasso throwing on the choree and jumping over the sleds. In the women's competition “Choom Mistress,” homemakers show their culinary talents, demonstrate self-made clothes, and even put on the chooms.

Any spectator can test his strength and agility in the contests “Catch a Deer” and “Jumping Over the Sleds". Throughout the holiday the best town creative teams perform on the stage.