The tradition of arranging gardens and orchards at Russian country estates is more than one century old. It was decided to restore the old estate traditions of the harvest festival on the territory of Old Olshanka country estate. Back in the 19th century it was the Patriotic War (1812) general A.V. Voyeykov’s estate. Olshanka became famous thanks to A.V. Voyeykov’s grandson, world-famous artist V. D. Polenov, who worked here often and fruitfully.

On the day of the holiday guests will be greeted by the owners of the manor and invited to the tables. Here you can taste the dishes of “Polenov menu”, pickles, baked rejuvenating apples, beet kvass and much more. Pancakes and pies with jam and herbal tea from a samovar are a must.

The performances of folk bands and a parade of fireworks will add to the festive atmosphere.