Back in the middle of the 19th century, the descendants of the Oblov family planted the first apple orchards and strawberry plantations where a company specializing in growing various fruits and berries is based at present.

Dubovoye village is unique. Its architecture reminds of a fairy-tale chest framed by the orchards where fruits live.

Guests of the festival will enjoy an interesting program. Children and their parents are invited to spend a day in the fairy-tale town and participate in a family quest, have fun at the rides and with animators.

The highlight of the festival is going to be lots of fruit and berry treats. Watch, taste and learn! There are master-classes, food sampling, boiled caramel apples and a huge fruit cake. While tasting, don’t forget to snap photos and post them o social media. Creative photo zones in the alleys of the festival will help you with that!

There is also a great opportunity to go on a tour around the neighborhood: to visit a museum, St. Michael the Archangel church or the fruit-and-berry production facility.

The organizers also suggest checking the craft, souvenir and grocery fairs. Just nearby, you can shop for planting stocks of fruit shrubs and trees.