Back in the middle of the 19th century, the first apple orchards and strawberry plantations were planted by people from the ancient Oblov family in Dubovoye and today there is an enterprise specializing in the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and berries.

Dubovoye village is one of a kind. The architecture of this place resembles a fabulous coffer framed by orchards where fruits live.

Guests of the festival will enjoy the interesting cultural program. Dozens of creative bands are going to entertain the audience with their performances during the holiday. Organizers are offering children and their parents to spend the day in a fabulous children's town where they will take part in family quest games. Animators and rides are going to be available all day.

During the festival you will have an opportunity to tour the surroundings. A handicraft fair, a fair of souvenirs and groceries as well as various master classes will make your day.

Special meals are going to be offered to guests – lots of fruit and berry treats, delicious herbal tea with cakes and bagels, cakes and pastries.