August in Russia is a generous month. The most favorite religious holidays are celebrated in August: Savior of the Honey, Savior of the Apple and Savior of the Nut Feast Days. Isn’t it a marvelous opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the forests, orchards and fields?

Upon arriving at the festival, guests will find themselves in the improvised village with food, creative, sports and concert areas. The festival unites the traditions of the three Savior Feast Days at once and each area of the festival will introduce you to the history, customs and traditions of the holidays. Don’t forget to sample traditional dishes and check the fair of craft products.

Here everyone will have something to do: children are free to take part in the master classes of traditional dolls and “makovechik” (a bouquet of flowers and herbs) making. Grown-ups are welcome to have their fortune told on apples, nuts, and spikelets. Selfies in one of the photo zones are a must.