The main symbol of the festival is the chamomile that stands for love, the kind tender and modest love, that’s why everything around is going to be associated with this flower. The organizers recommend getting ready for the festival in advance and wearing something with chamomile print.

The festival guests are welcome to attend the food area where everyone can taste dishes cooked according to the traditional recipes and drink nice herbal tea from the Russian samovar at the Tea House.

Those interested in something creative are invited to the Crafts and Flower yards. Here you will enjoy master-classes making postcards, talisman dolls and the main symbol of the festival – the chamomile.

There is going to be an open-air museum arranged right in the festival square. Here you will see the collections of the traditional Russian costume and objects of peasants‘ everyday life. If you wish to snap nice photos, don’t miss the “Romantic Yard” with its photo area.

Children will get busy having a great time at the amusement area with face painting, animation program, and other fun stuff.

What Russian festival is it without a fair? This is the best place to buy souvenirs, craftsmen’s goods, fabric, toys and products of local farmers.