The Helga military historical festival is held on the territory of the Pskov region in a historical place of 4 hectares in Vybuty. The festival is dedicated to our world-famous Grand Duchess Olga, Ruler of the Russian Land in the 10th century. Our festival is dedicated to the culture and traditions of Ancient Russia, its inhabitants and its neighbors in the 9-11 centuries - to Russians, Slavs, Varangians, the times of the formation of the Old Russian state, both the traditions of everyday life and military customs.

The military historical festival Helga is aimed at the patriotic education of the population of the Pskov region, and also carries out activities aimed at preserving and developing the ethnocultural diversity of peoples.

Reconstructors will camp in the homeland of Princess Olga in 2020 for the 11th time. And they will carry out historical reconstructions, musical performances, a fire show, a medieval fair, attractions recreated according to historical sources. Everyone can experience strength and dexterity in battles with sacks on a log, take part in medieval dances, shoot arrows, mark spears, axes and knives to ride horses, try on medieval armor.

For children - the basics of the military school of the Middle Ages, a photo with a shield and a sword.

The festival venue will be divided into three sectors: reconstruction, history buffs and tourists. The camp is guarded, with organized parking.