Knitting is an old traditional trade in Rasskazovo. Local knitted products are considered to be a symbol of the town, that’s why citizens celebrate the Sock Festival. Socks are going to be honored in a big way.

Thanks to Rasskazovo craftsmen who keep their family secrets and knitting techniques carefully, the festival guests will have a great opportunity to learn a few secrets firsthand. At the festival master-classes, you will know about the traditions of the knitting patterns and try your hand in knitting with a fork and yourself as a weaver or a spinner.

One of the main locations of the festival is fair. Here everyone will find socks to their liking, as well as shawls, mittens, scarfs and sweaters both hand-made and machine knitted. At the food court, you can taste and buy products of local producers.

Children will enjoy the puppet show with sock dolls as the main characters. Children’s playground is also going to be available. If you are interested in sightseeing, welcome to the sightseeing tour around Rasskazovo where you will visit the city museum of local history, the Aseyevs‘ estate museum complex or the chamber sock museum.