The Oseniny in Staraya Olshanka Festival celebrates harvest time, traditions, and crafts. Guests of the event will have a chance to taste traditional dishes and drinks of the district. The focus of the holiday is on the concert program including classical music, performances of folk bands and soloists, pop and dance program.

If you are up to be active, feel free to visit the areas of outdoor games and contests. Little guests are welcome to run along the hay labyrinth, play with animators and have fun on the rides in the park of Staraya Olshanka.

The open-air festival stretches along the bank of the park pond offering people to visit its art exhibition, master-classes of basket making and painting on water. If you are interested, pay a visit to a peasant’s household and experience peasant’s everyday life trying on peasant clothes and doing traditional peasant jobs like churning, ironing clothes with a smoother, spinning, getting water with a shoulder yoke, pestling millet or whetting a scythe.

The shopping aisles available at the festival sell souvenirs. Everyone will get to taste jam, cakes and herbal tea from a samovar made according to a special recipe.

If you feel overwhelmed by the boisterous festivities, enjoy a stroll around the pond or have a rest in one of the wooden summerhouses. The estate boasts a number of beautiful and scenic places: the old ash tree, a symbol of love and loyalty; the pond depicted in many paintings by Polenov, the manor fountain. The gem of the estate is definitely the church of the Resurrection of Christ the Savior. Guests are welcome to go on free tours.

The event is a part of the holiday cycle “The Seasons in Staraya Olshanka”.