Poultry farming is one of the most popular branches in the household economics of Tokaryovka district. Here they farm chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys. Besides the traditional poultry breeds, farmers also produce some exotic species such as quails, perching ducks, guinea fowls, etc. Guests of the festival will have a chance to see the variety of birds at the poultry exhibition. A few henyards are going to be displayed as themed areas.

Any professional or volunteer is welcome to have a tour around a private homesteading where they can observe or ask for advice on how to farm poultry. The excursion to the dairy workshop will tell tourists about its products.

If you like what you will see, you can surely purchase it as the festival includes a poultry market too.

The shopping aisles of the fair offer eggs, pastry and confectionary, oriental sweets, etc. The wide selection of souvenirs and household items to fit any taste includes handmade pieces, birch bark products, khokhloma, wooden items, wooden spoons and toys, pottery, amulets, boxes, swords, bows and crossbows and what not. Don’t forget to buy a souvenir with the fair symbols on it in a special booth.

The Ptichy Dvor (Henyard) Festival offers something delicious too. The “Khleb-Sol” food court is ready to serve poultry dishes, sweets, juices, kvass, and other drinks. Guests are encouraged to taste the freshly baked bread of local production and “country-style” noodle soup cooked right at the festival.

The entertainment program promises to be interesting for both children and grown-ups. Kids are invited to engage in the enthralling quest game, master-classes or costume parade. Little adrenalin lovers will have the best time at the rides. Adults are welcome to have their fortune told by the Bird of Happiness. Local and invited performers are going to keep the mood at the festive level.