The haymaking time has always been considered a holiday among peasants. Hay harvest has always been one of the most enjoyable kinds of fieldwork. To work in the field men and women used to wear their best outfits. It was so much fun: the girls were singing while collecting the grass. The haymaking holiday in Staraya Olshanka is going to recreate the atmosphere of the olden days.

Olshanka is worth a visit to feel the festive atmosphere and take part in master-classes of hay mowing and packing hay into haycocks. Any volunteer can take a scythe and try to handle it. The organizers are arranging a contest for the title of the fastest and strongest haymaker.

Girls can engage in wreath making out of meadow grasses and anyone are welcome to take part in traditional village games, to dance in a ring, to learn the songs our ancestors sang while working in the field and resting.

Another part of the holiday is the folk crafts fair and the food area. Feel free to be a part of the excursion and get to know the outstanding people associated with the history of Staraya Olshanka.

The event is included in “The Seasons in Staraya Olshanka” holiday cycle.