Tambov honey has recently become a well-known brand. It is popular all over Russia. Tambov region is situated at the junction of the forest and steppe zones and forest-steppe is rich in motley grass. This fact has its impact on the taste bouquet and amazing aroma of local honey. White honey, buckwheat, sunflower, blossom, forest, meadow honey – it is impossible to mention all the sorts of honey. Each type of honey has its specific aroma and healing properties.

Considering the fact that the Tambov region has been at the top of the rating of the most eco-friendly regions in Russia, Tambov honey is a truly healthy product.

The best honey producers are going to gather at the central city park to offer their honey and bee products: propolis, bee-bread, comb capping, pollen, royal jelly, and beeswax.

The most important day of the fair is going to be on August 14th – Honey Spas. Street festivities, prize drawing, honey treats, master-classes and consultations for amateur beekeepers are all the parts of the sweet holiday.