Yugorsk is the first city of Yugra, which meets travelers arriving in Yugra from the West. Yugorsk is the first city of Yugra, where the Carnival was held. By this grandiose event Ugra residents are ready to surprise and please not only themselves, but also guests of the city. Ugra Carnival makes Yugorsk from the diversity of the municipalities of Yugra and can claim the status of the city brand. Yugorsk successfully implements projects of event tourism in culture, sports, youth policy, spiritual life, corporate (professional). Ugra Carnival is one of the successfully implemented projects.

The theme of the Ugra Carnival is different every year. Labor collectives of the city, national communities, public organizations can take part in the Carnival.

Ugra Carnival over the years has become an integral part of the history of the city. Carnival has gone from the usual procession of labor collectives in the style of Soviet festive demonstrations to enchanting theatrical show. The festival organizers set themselves ambitious plans to make Ugra Carnival recognizable on a national scale through the dissemination of project information in the automated information system of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation "Unified information space in the sphere of culture" and social media sharing by the participants of Amateur videos on its participation in the Carnival.