On August 19, in the village of Sukhosolotino, Ivnyansky district, a cultural and brand event will be held aimed at preserving Orthodox traditions "Spas - a healing apple in store!". The holiday program includes: official part, festive divine service, consecration of apples and a concert program.

There will be themed photo zones in the park, where you can take pictures as a keepsake. Guests of the holiday will be able to look at compositions made from apples, enjoy pies and pies with apple filling, baked apples, apple compote, have lunch with hot fish soup and field porridge. The festival will feature products of local beekeepers. There will be a playground and a trampoline for the children. Here you can buy cotton candy, popcorn, balloons and toys.

The concert will be attended not only by amateur Sukhoi Solotinsk artists, but also by amateur artists from the nearest villages - Safonovka, Syrtsevo, Vladimirovka, Kochetovka, Pokrovka. In memory of the festive event, all participants of the event will be able to take home souvenirs.