The Kapusta-Barynya folk festival, the most autumnal event in the city of Yalutorovsk, has been held since 2017.

In Russia, cabbage was treated with adoration and respect. The day of the feast of the exaltation was considered the date of the beginning of the cabbage harvest. It was fermented, salted, and various dishes were prepared from it on this fast day. Young people were looking forward to the cabbage party. They were fun, with conversations, jokes, jokes. Girls dressed up as skits and tried to show their hard work: we went singing from house to house to chop cabbage. Tubs in all families were filled to the top with cabbage. In each house, tables were set with snacks.

"Kapusta-Barynya" is a holiday that is famous for its Russian scale, fervent songs, games, traditional amusements and hearty treats. Guests will participate in folk rites and "kissing" games. In the program: - Gatherings "Are Cabbage Butterflies»; - Treats and a fairy tale from the Lady " Cabbage»; - Chicken divination; - Master classes. In the final of the event, General song and conversation dances are required! All guests of the holiday – flavored treats are made with cabbage! At the cabbage Lady folk festival, guests will find more than 200 kg of cabbage: stewed in a special, spicy recipe with cranberries, in the form of lettuce, cabbage pie and delicious cabbage dumplings, as well as 250 liters of spicy tea from the giant samovar, the largest active forged samovar in Russia.