The annual holiday «Sosedi» ("Neighbors") is held in the southeastern corner of the Kaliningrad region, where the borders of Russia, Lithuania and Poland meet. It unites people of different nationalities, different cultures, living on different sides of state borders, but in a single natural and historical space. This is a holiday of hospitality and warm friendly communication, a holiday when local residents share their knowledge and skills, and guests share their feelings, plunging into the atmosphere of a forest village.

This is a rural holiday with a fair and treats, master classes and a concert, games, educational trips and friendly gatherings. Here for everyone, regardless of age, for children and adults there is something to their liking.

The holiday is held at several sites, the main of which is the territory of the Vishtynets Eco-Museum in the village of Krasnolesye. The holiday is supported by the administration of the municipality, and the Krasnolesensky House of Culture, and the village library, as well as numerous partners of the museum from Russia, Lithuania and Poland. The holiday program is varied and focused on participants of all ages, without exception.