Babayevo land of the Vologda region is known as an original territory of minor indigenous people – the Vepses. Today their representatives live in two locations of Babayevo municipality – Vepsskoye natsionalnoye and Pyazhozerskoye.

The first festival of the Vepse culture “Tree of Life” took place in Babayevo municipality in 1989. It became one of the most favourite holidays for local people and quickly gained popularity not only in the region but far beyond its borders. The festival is aimed at revival of Vepse national traditions, preserving of the Vepse language.

Artistic programme traditionally includes vivid performances of local and invited Vepse folk groups – vocal, instrumental, dancing ones; exhibitions of applied and decorative arts of Vepse craftsmen and artists, visiting Vepse culture museums, readings of Vepse authors, unique master-classes, where people can make a true Vepse souvenir. A bright event of the festival is the uniting bonfire, a common round dance of participants, hanging of bells on a tree, tying ribbons – symbols of the Vepse culture preserving. The guests of the festival may also ride a boat on a beautiful lake – Lake Kod, where over 7 types of exotic plants grow. Everyone will admire famous Vepse cuisine.