The LAMPA is a charity cinema project aimed at developing social video content and promoting volunteerism in the world.


- 7 years Film Festival unites directors and social innovators who wish to make the world a better place;

- 132 countries and 9500 short films on universally important themes: environment, sustainable development, volunteerism, charity, inclusion and many more;

- 100 000+ Film Festival's community consists of directors, scriptwriters, videographers, actors, real life heroes, philanthropists, socially responsible organisations and mass media

Together we create and show films that change the world!

According to the results of the Competition, winners in each nomination and owners of special prizes of the Film Festival are determined.

Awards in nominations:

- Best short socially oriented documentary film

- Best short socially oriented feature film

- Best social video

- Best social music video clip

- Best social advertising

- Best commercial social advertising

- Best youth film work in the nomination "Special focus"

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