The multi-format festival «Vdokhnovenie» led by a well-known theater critic and festival curator Roman Dolzhansky and the popular actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite has been an integral part of the VDNH event program for seven years. This unique event on the territory of the exhibition complex, which takes place not only in summer, but also in winter (since the end of last year), takes its rightful place among other well-known Moscow international shows.

The structure of program of festival «Vdokhnovenie» is unique: it presents a variety of formats - large performances and small experimental performances. It covers all kinds of arts - drama, dance, music, video and street art and much more; international stars and those whose names even professionals learn for the first time take part in it. It combines all sorts of stylistic trends - theatrical performances and concerts on the traditional stage, street processions, performances and laboratories in the most unexpected sites. Finally, «Vdokhnovenie» is integrated into the space of VDNH not only due to the consonance of four letters.

The unique configuration of this place, its rich infrastructure and a large number of visitors have helped shape the face of the festival, which from year to year finds something to please and surprise a wide variety of audiences.