The regional exhibition dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia is held in the form of competition. The name of Peter I is connected with the cultural history of amber of the 18th century. The famous Amber Room and other amber works of art came to Russia as diplomatic gifts becoming important facts in Russian history. Amber craftsmen from Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Region participate in the exhibition. More than 40 authors will submit their works to the jury members who will judge the them according to the conception and conditions of the exhibition. The opening of the exhibition and the award ceremony will take place on November 11 at 5:00 PM. At the exhibition, future jewellers and craftsmen (students of the College of Entrepreneurship and everyone interested) will be able to meet with participants of the competition. A thematic tour will be organised for the visitors of the museum. There are no age restrictions on visiting the exhibition. Ticket prices: adults – 100 rubles, students – 70 rubles, schoolchildren – 50 rubles. Admission is free for pensioners.