The IV International Lace Festival “Vita Lace” is going to become a real heyday of lacemaking craft.

In spite of all the chops and changes of the previous year the International Festival “Vita Lace” remains one of the most expected events in the world of lacemaking.

“The Origins” remain the central theme of the festival in 2022, and the key events of the forum will be addressed to the preservation and development of folk arts and crafts as part of the original culture and heritage of every nation.

Lacemaking, being part of the traditional crafts of different countries, has a rich figurative feel to it and a variety of techniques used. In different years, images of traditional national crafts, embroideries and folk paintings, song motifs and ditties were reflected in the work of lace-makers.

As part of the IV International lace festival “Vita Lace”, the organizers want to once again draw the attention of modern masters, artists and designers to the display of national traditions, crafts and crafts in lace works.

In the program of the festival you will find:

- Exhibition-competition “The Changing Lace: From the Origins to Modern Times”

(reflection of national and regional traditional arts and crafts in the works of modern lace designers and lace-makers)

- Exhibition-presentation of lace items by the festival participants

- Round tables and discussions

- The festival Event “Under the Lace Sky”

- Exhibition-fair (sales of lace products, tools and materials for lace weaving)

- Master-classes and workshops on lace-making and the creation of lace patterns

- Fashion shows of clothes decorated with lace and interpreting the images of traditional national costumes.