When it gets colder and nature prepares for winter sleep, the famous forest spirit from Slavic mythology Leshy walks around his forest possessions for the last time. The Darwin Museum celebrates this special time with Leshy Day. The festival is attended by a variety of evil spirits, Baba Yaga, Kikimora and Vodyanoy wander through the museum halls all day long. Those who come to the festival in evil spirit costumes will get a free entrance to the museum. Both adults and children will have fun at the Leshy farewell festival. The museum will host games, classes, workshops, lectures about predatory plants and learning sessions with live insects. The Leshy Day is a perfect occasion to learn more about the forest inhabitants of Moscow and the Moscow region and dive deep into the mysterious atmosphere of Russian fairy tales and myths. By completing the tasks of the thematic "Not just a fairy tale" quest, visitors will learn which animals in Russia personified good and evil, who usually helped, and who harmed people. Leshy will share his wisdom and knowledge about forest inhabitants through fun games. Visitors of the holiday are invited to dispel myths about bears in the "Bear's Truth" game. The "Mushroom Basket" game will teach how to tell the difference between edible and poisonous mushrooms. The games "Seed's Biography" and "Roots of being" will tell more about plant benefits and adaptations. The participants of the interactive "Plants under a microscope" class will discover the secrets of the plant kingdom and learn what leaves and roots are needed for, how plants breathe, drink, grow and move. The participants of the "Forest Workshop" will use their creativity to make a bright forest mushroom, assemble and color a birdfeeder, create a thematic accessory at the "Brooches, Mice and Cats" workshop, and weave a bright sun from colorful threads at the "Amulets" workshop to scare away the evil forest spirits. The lesson "Forest inhabitants" will take visitors to faraway tropical forests, where Leshy has never been to. At the learning session, participants will take a closer look at Madagascar cockroaches, phlegmatic stick insects and fragile butterflies and even hold them in their hands. The guests will learn how to grow carnivorous Venus flytraps and monkey cups at home and will feed the "green monsters" with insects at the interactive "Predator Plants" lecture.