On the birthday of the poet Rasul Gamzatov in Dagestan, the International Gamzatov Literary Festival "Days of the White Cranes" is held annually under the auspices of UNESCO. Rasul Gamzatov has not been with us for 18 years, but his work lives on. Turning to his works, readers from around the world laugh and cry, gain moral guidance, and most importantly, discover the amazing Land of Mountains - Dagestan. In 2023, the 100th anniversary of the people's poet will be widely celebrated throughout the country - the corresponding decree was signed by the President of Russia! Many events are planned to be held in different regions, but, of course, the main celebrations will take place in Dagestan, the poet's homeland.

The program of the International Festival includes thematic round tables, meetings with teachers and students of universities, festive events in the small homeland of the great poet - in the village of Tsada (Khunzakh region), as well as in Gunib (Gunib region), where the monument "White Cranes" is erected.

The International Literary Festival "Days of the White Cranes" dates back to 1986. The holiday was established by the national poet of Dagestan Rasul Gamzatov as a holiday of spirituality, poetry, in memory of the fallen soldiers on the battlefields.