The tradition of the fair in honor of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Kirsanov dates back to the middle of the 19th century when in 1839, Kamenny Ryady (Stone Stalls) shopping street appeared in place of the former fair square. Besides daily trade, large fairs were held in the street three times a year.

The fair of the Elevation of the Holy Cross was held in mid-September and was timed to coincide with the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Long time ago the fair was famous all over Tambov. Today, it has been decided to bring Kirsanov merchant traditions back to life. So the fair of the Elevation of the Holy Cross is inviting guests again.

The fair will definitely be remembered for its wide variety of goods from local producers and agricultural enterprises that are going to offer meat and sausage products, fish, confectionery and flour-based food, dairy products, seedlings, flowers and much more. The organizers of the fair will treat their guests with pastries and sbiten (a hot winter Russian traditional drink).

In the stalls it will be possible to purchase craftsmen’s souvenirs: paintings and wooden figurines, products with images of the old city, household items and the dishes.

The entertaining program is an integral part of the holiday. Various Kirsanov bands and vocalists will add a special flavor to the fair.