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Mikhaylovskoye – the family estate of Alexandr S. Pushkin, his poetic homeland, the place of the spiritual birth of the poet. We are inviting you to spend a magical day in a unique place, where every


Ysyakh Summer Festival is a cult celebration of nature rebirth, holiday of renovation holding every year in the end of June. Central action of festival is a competition of tellers of Olonkho – Yakut e

Ural Music Night2018

Incredible in its scope and coverage of the genres of musical night for the graduates. Dozens of venues – clubs, concert halls, restaurants, concerts of classical music, jazz, rock, modern electronic

Friendship Wreath

A multinational coloring of the city is represented at the festival: the Kazakh Yurtah, the Slavic coaching inn, the Tatar peasant's house, the German village and the Caucasian courtyard. The diversit

"Harvest day"

The festival "Harvest Day" is aimed at preserving and transferring the traditions of Russian culture, the Russian village, and specifically the tradition of harvesting.

Shukshin days in the Altai.

Shukshin days in the Altai is a grand cultural event, dedicated to the memory of the writer, filmmaker and actor Vasiliy Shukshin. The days are filled with meetings with writers, presentations of new

Ustyanskya Ssypchina

"Ssypchina means collection and making contribution to the common cause" "Ustyanskya Ssypchina" festival takes place in Ustyanskya area since 2001. "Ssypchina" has a long tradition, that begins with

III Redhead Festival

Red – Headed city Festival in Nizhniy Tagil The Red- Headed day You have flame-colored hair fanny flecks on the face red beard you prefer tinger of orange for your clothes your pet is red and your ch

Vienna Festival of Music Films

Ekaterinburg was honored to be among the few cities in the world, where is the festival screening of the film and television versions, classical music, Opera performanEkaterinburg was honored to be am

The KAMWA Festival

Kamwa is the mythological name of the Kama River comprising two finno-ugric words: KAM(man or shaman) and WA (water). KAMWA is a colourful event enriching the cultural agenda of the Perm Region. Each