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Diamond week of Yakutia

Now Yakutia is the world's only region where a full work cycle of production of diamond items is performed: here they are extracted, sorted, faceted, and the final product is made. To popularize the g

Michurinsk Apple Festival

It is impossible to imagine Michurinsk without Michurinsk apples as well as it is impossible to imagine a modern science city without Michurinsk Apple Festival. It is a bright event-the event for the

Parskaya Fair

The Parskaya Fair is a traditional universal trade fair for commodity producers, the purpose and objectives of which are • supporting domestic producers of import substitution goods, reviving trade an

IDFF Flahertiana

One of the most leading festivals is the IDFF Flahertiana. It is necessary to note that Flahertiana is a pioneer of Perm festival movement and is greatly appreciated among judges of documentary films

The Baltic seasons

Russia's State Theatre Agency in cooperation with Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Kaliningrad Region organize a large-scale cultural project. "Baltiyskie sezony" (Baltic seasons) - it is a unique c