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"Siberian fire"

Every year since 2012, the Big OES festival "Siberian fire". The format of the event is military-historical reconstruction, including military-historical field camps and clashes of different eras.

Fruit Festival Vernisage

Back in the middle of the 19th century, the first apple orchards and strawberry plantations were planted by people from the ancient Oblov family in Dubovoye and today there is an enterprise specializi

«Ukha Tsaritsa festival»

Fish soup was always considered in Russia as the queen of soups and became a national dish. There are many recipes of fish soup, «the queen fish soup» is especially popular. And the Siberian white sal

Beauty Festival

The Beauty Festival in the Krasnopartizansky municipal district in 2020 will be held for the fourth time. Annually, over 1,500 people take part in this large-scale event, including guests from neighbo