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The Sheregeshfest festival is held at the largest ski resort in Siberia. It kicks off the ski season in Russia and charges the participants with the energy of the mountains. The atmosphere of freedom

Ded Moroz' Birthday

According to a newly created legend, Ded Moroz was born on November 18th in Veliky Ustyug, a small town in the Vologda region. The date of the magician's birthday was chosen by weather chart makers as

Felt Boot Festival

A felt boot is a special item for a Russian. Valenki (felt boots) used to be worn in order of precedence, inherited, and told fortune on. Seamless boots were popular among boyars and peasants. At the

Big Cup of Siberia

"Big Cup of Siberia" is all-Russian competition in snowkiting and winter windsurfing. Competitions are held every year. More than 150 Russian athletes come to the Novosibirsk reservoir to compete for

Shining Yugus

Shining Yugus The history of the festival begins in 1974, when Yugus became the first lighted ski trail in the USSR. Now we are reviving our glorious past with this festival. Yugus slopes are rightf