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Emerald carnival

Tomsk has long been rightly known as the "Emerald city",and there are many reasons for this. The Author of the book "Wizard of Emerald City" beloved by many generations in Russia lived here in his you

Diamond week of Yakutia

Now Yakutia is the world's only region where a full work cycle of production of diamond items is performed: here they are extracted, sorted, faceted, and the final product is made. To popularize the g

Сhintz verst

Chintz is a type of cloth printed with patterns of various colours which Ivanovo became famous for making. «Сhintz verst» - collects a diversity of sports and entertainment competitions. Everyone can

Michurinsk Apple Festival

It is impossible to imagine Michurinsk without Michurinsk apples as well as it is impossible to imagine a modern science city without Michurinsk Apple Festival. It is a bright event-the event for the