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Traditionally, various products will be presented at the fair: from lace making to metal working, from funny crafts to masterpieces. Guests will enjoy the entertainment program, numerous master classe

Radio Night Project

A.S. Popov’s invention opened a whole-new page in how humans use electromagnetic waves. Since then, radio has become an essential element of our life, as important as electricity itself. During the pr

Ural Retro Rally Cup

A ride on classic cars as part of the Russian Automotive Federation's Retro Rally Cup. The town will be visited by best pilots from Italy, France, England, Argentina, and founders of the global retro


Start: Silikatny Sand Quarry A test for toughest cyclists. The track passes through forest areas and country roads. Past natural monuments, scenic rivers and lakes. Choose from 2 routes running acros

Ural Music Night

220 000 guests. Absolutely free entry to all 80 festival music venues. Music of all genres and styles are on the water, on the land and in the air - on squares and rooftops, in dozens of bars and cafe

Scything Tournament

The time has come again. Let me invite you to our 9-th Scything Tournament in Russia. The tournament was organized Arti factory - one of the largest manufacturers of scythes. On the eve of 2016, we pr


July 18 Kamensk-Uralsky Square in front of the Sovremennik Palace of Culture 133 Lermontov Street Russian Food & Folk Games. A Circle Dance & Ditty Contest Get to know how to cook a popular summer sou

The Space Festival

Kamensk-Uralsky City Center For the first time in your life have some borscht soup packaged in tubes while your kids do the parachute jumping. And vice versa. There will be 7 space missions. Get ready

Red Head Festival

The motto of Red Head Festival is “Let’s make the world brighter!”. The Festival truly becomes the centre of attraction of the brightest, sunniest and red-headed people. Red Head Festival is highly v

Elizabeth Ball

Alapayevsk is one of the most significant cities to the House of Romanov. This is why it became the home for the ball held in commemoration of Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine. There, you will

Irbit Fair

Irbit Fair is one of the oldest fairs in Russia, which has been held since 1643! Irbit Fair is the main event of the city of Irbit. It is not only a trade event, but also a tourist event of an inter-r