Podgorenskiy district of Voronezh region is not just a beautiful place. A ridge of Don Belogorie is even called Russian Switzerland. It is the place where famous Belogorskiy monastery of the Resurrection and Kostomarovskiy Svetosavskiy convent are situated, protected on all sides. Pilgrims often equate them with Holy places of Jerusalem.

On site of the district there is a natural sanctuary Kolodezhanskiy spring, arranged as a beautiful water mill. “Cossack Brotherhood” takes place on shore of the river Don, which flows near the village Kolodezhnoe.

In 2019 the festival attracted more than 25,000 spectators and participants, who saw a seven-hour performance of the best Cossack ensembles of the Russian Federation.

The festival has also a gastronomic exhibition of “Cossack market place”. On site of “Cossack fun” different amusement games are held, horse riding, pillow fight etc..

The program of the festival also includes exhibition of arts and crafts and attributes of the Cossack everyday life.

First day usually ends with bright fireworks and a big bonfire. Second day includes on stage performance groups show.

Traditionally, the final chord is the performance of the State Academic Order of Friendship of peoples of the Kuban Cossack choir.

We would like to invite all interested to take part in this wonderful festival, which will take place on August, 2023.