The artistic essence of the Concordia Festival is connected solely with modern classical music and its influence on those listening. Most of the festival’s works are performed in Kazan for the first time.

The first festival was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Sofia Gubaidulina. The composer gratefully accepted the idea of holding a forum of contemporary music in Kazan. «Now we are going through a time favorable only for the art of entertainment. The second form of art is undergoing tremendous difficulties, if not to say aggressive denial. From this point of view, your desire to support contemporary art and give this project the name "Concordia", that is, consent, reconciliation – this is essential, although not an easy step in protecting both types of spiritual activity. I am sure that the audience of Kazan is very responsive to what modern artists feel and offer. For me, this festival is a milestone. This is a great hope», - Sofia Gubaidulina wrote in her greeting to the festival.

The first festivals were attended by Sofia Gubaidulina, David Geringas, Yuri Bashmet, Gia Kancheli, Andrey Eshpay, Ksenia Bashmet. The Concordia festival was founded by Alexander Sladkovsky, artistic director and chief conductor of Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra, people's artist of Russia and Tatarstan, and has the status of a major international forum of contemporary music.