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Mikhaylovskoye – the family estate of Alexandr S. Pushkin, his poetic homeland, the place of the spiritual birth of the poet. We are inviting you to spend a magical day in a unique place, where every


Yalta - one of the most beautiful cities of Crimea, situated in picturesque place between mountains and sea. This city is full of sights - Armenian church, house-museum of russian writer A. Chekhov, T

III Redhead Festival

Red – Headed city Festival in Nizhniy Tagil The Red- Headed day You have flame-colored hair fanny flecks on the face red beard you prefer tinger of orange for your clothes your pet is red and your ch

Shukshin days in the Altai.

Shukshin days in the Altai is a grand cultural event, dedicated to the memory of the writer, filmmaker and actor Vasiliy Shukshin. The days are filled with meetings with writers, presentations of new

Vienna Festival of Music Films

Ekaterinburg was honored to be among the few cities in the world, where is the festival screening of the film and television versions, classical music, Opera performanEkaterinburg was honored to be am

The KAMWA Festival

Kamwa is the mythological name of the Kama River comprising two finno-ugric words: KAM(man or shaman) and WA (water). KAMWA is a colourful event enriching the cultural agenda of the Perm Region. Each

"Window to Paris"

"Window __________" is a festival of fashion, design, street performance, public art project, which is a symbiosis of the most active and popular arts with which a person faces every day: fashion, pho

Festival "Folk herbalist"

“Narodnyi travnik” Brand aims to draw attention of inhabitants to study of nature and its features, considerate attitude and environmental interaction. It is not only a symbol with a deep meaning. Thi

Bondari Carousel

The third all-Russian trade and craft fair “Bondari Carousel” is inviting guests to the fair of traditional crafts. Bondari is an old craftsman’s village where folk trades and useful arts have been th

Navy Day In St.Petersburg

The idea of ​​holding the parade of 2018 from the Naval High Command did not come. For the first time the Main Naval Parade was held in St. Petersburg in 2017. In the dynamic part of the parade, more

Extreme EXPO 2018

Extreme EXPO is a presentation of various sports for city residents, which combines competitions and professional entertainment show. The aim of the festival is to promote a healthy image and populari

Honey holiday "Baly-Tau"

Beekeeping has long been the main hobby of the residents of Baltay.The honey festival is a great event of tourism. The Central place of the festival is the tea zone, where you can enjoy free herbal te