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Tsaritsyno History Day

Tsaritsyno History Day is referred to the beginning of the estate’s life under the new owner, the Empress Catherine the Great. In 1775 The Empress visited the estate and was so taken with it that she


The LAMPA is a charity cinema project aimed at developing social video content and promoting volunteerism in the world. LAMPA is: - 7 years Film Festival unites directors and social innovators who wi

«Big Meanings – 2022»

«Big Meanings – 2022» is a forum connecting representatives of children's recreation organizations, counselors, school directors and advisers, heads of travel agencies and firms, representatives of fe

Baba Yaga 2.2.

Baba Yaga 2.2. Festival of Slavic spirits & demons is Siberian response to Halloween and a new image of a crafty witch from fairy tales. The new Baba Yaga is a kind hostess, entertaining guests and g