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"Chaga Bairam"

Chaga Bairam is a New Year celebration according to the moon calendar. In 2012 this holiday regarded as a republic one. The holiday is celebrated with worshiping of Altai, people’s revelry and also in

Battle on the Tura River

Battle on the Tura River is the stage of the Russian Snowboard Cup in the Big Air discipline. This discipline is one of the most spectacular disciplines not only in snowboarding, but also among all ex

Husky Fest

The first festival in Siberia devoted to dogs of northern riding breeds, culture of life of the peoples of the north, riding sports and the best kennels of northern riding dogs.

Mamontovskiy Festival

The festival is dedicated to the great maecenas and industrialist, native of the city of Yalutorovsk Savva Ivanovich Mamontov.This festival is a real event for everyone who appreciates art and creativ

The holiday of the hunter

For centuries, hunting was a traditional activity of the peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East. For some individual peoples of Russia, hunting remains the main source of livelihood to this da


Sun, snow, dizzying climbs and descents under rumbling engine of a snowmobile that is an international festival of snowmobile sport in "Malinovka!" Sports Club of Extreme "Ustyanskie Bobry" invites ev

The Horse Festival

The Horse Festival has been held in the Vologda Oblast since 2003. Every year, it gathers up to five thousand participants and spectators not only from the Vologda region, but also from other regions.