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Open pages. Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in our country. The first mention of it is dated to the IX century. In Russia, Veliky Novgorod was called "the father of Russian cities," this city retained

Shukshin days in the Altai.

Shukshin days in the Altai is a grand cultural event, dedicated to the memory of the writer, filmmaker and actor Vasiliy Shukshin. The days are filled with meetings with writers, presentations of new

Bondari Carousel

The third all-Russian trade and craft fair “Bondari Carousel” is inviting guests to the fair of traditional crafts. Bondari is an old craftsman’s village where folk trades and useful arts have been th

Extreme EXPO 2019

Extreme EXPO is a presentation of various sports for city residents, which combines competitions and professional entertainment show. The aim of the festival is to promote a healthy image and populari

Festival "Atkarsk Roses"

The festival became a revival of the district's brand and surprised the guests with its beauty and aesthetics. The festival program takes into account the needs of different age and target groups of t

Kaleidoscope of Taste

Simple and sophisticated dishes, special modern delights, the traditional cuisine of indigenous peoples of Leningrad Oblast, the delicious aroma and abundance of culinary products. All of these make u

Gingerbread Day Festival

Where: Tula Kremlin The sweetest summer festival Gingerbread Day will take place in the Tula Kremlin. This is one amazing big tour to the Gingerbread world with pieces of art, entertainments for chil

Holiday Pomeranian Roe

Rural feast dedicated to the Pomor kozuli is an ancient ritual liver from rye dough, which was baked from the XII century. The festival introduces the history and legends of the Tersky coast. In the p

«Ukha Tsaritsa festival»

Fish soup was always considered in Russia as the queen of soups and became a national dish. There are many recipes of fish soup, «the queen fish soup» is especially popular. And the Siberian white sal