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Kukarekino Food Festival

The festival symbols – Krasavchik the Rooster, Ko-Ko the Egg, and Jacqueline the Hen - will welcome the guests and treat with traditional and unusual egg dishes. Fried eggs and omelet are just starter

Diaghilev Festival

Concept International Diaghilev Festival aims at promoting and developing traditions of the outstanding impresario and communicator of Russian culture Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev. It is far from coinc

"Мusical expedition"

This is a unique classical music project. Prominent Russian and foreign musicians take part in it every year. The festival travels to the historical places of the Vladimir region and brings together c

apricot day

One of the most interesting places for tourism and travel in Dagestan is the Gergebil district. The apricot harvest season for the region is a special time when every resident, young and old, tries to

Ecologist's Day

World Environment Day or Ecologist's Day has been celebrated at the Darwin Museum for more than 20 years. At the event, museum visitors can get acquainted with Moscow nature and learn how to protect t