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Vishnevarovo Festival

The name of the festival originates from the symbol of Uvarovo – cherry. Uvarovo land has been famous for its cherry orchards since ancient times. On the festival days the symbol can be seen not only

Starry Night Festival

The Starry Night is a summer festival at Rakhmaninov’s country estate. On this nice and warm summer evening, you will have a great time visiting the open-air exhibitions, presentations and concerts.

Raspberry Festival

Since ancient times the village of Novosyolki has been called the capital of the raspberry kingdom. Local raspberry is big, very sweet. The celebration of the traditional holiday devoted to raspberry

Yelets alarm bell

The festival of military-historical reconstruction "Yelets alarm bell" is dedicated to one of the brightest and most tragic sides of the history of our state – the time of Troubles.


July 18 Kamensk-Uralsky Square in front of the Sovremennik Palace of Culture 133 Lermontov Street Russian Food & Folk Games. A Circle Dance & Ditty Contest Get to know how to cook a popular summer sou

The Space Festival

Kamensk-Uralsky City Center For the first time in your life have some borscht soup packaged in tubes while your kids do the parachute jumping. And vice versa. There will be 7 space missions. Get ready

Shuya Soap Fest

Shuya Soap Fest Shuya was known by its soapmakers even in 17th century. From that time Shuya has a golden piece of soap depicted on its emblem. Shuya Soap Fest was created 10 years ago in 2009 It keep

Shukshin days in the Altai.

Shukshin days in the Altai is a grand cultural event, dedicated to the memory of the writer, filmmaker and actor Vasiliy Shukshin. The days are filled with meetings with writers, presentations of new

Extreme EXPO 2020

Extreme EXPO is a presentation of various sports for city residents, which combines competitions and professional entertainment show. The aim of the festival is to promote a healthy image and populari

Red Head Festival

The motto of Red Head Festival is “Let’s make the world brighter!”. The Festival truly becomes the centre of attraction of the brightest, sunniest and red-headed people. Red Head Festival is highly v